Sun Wukong

2005-01-12 09:22:16
本报讯 福建省顺昌县考古工作者日前在位于顺昌县城西北部的宝山主峰上发现了一处始建于元末明初时期的孙悟空兄弟合葬神墓。


So is there any proof that this is actually the Sun Wukong, and not just some guy with the same name who may, for obvious reasons, ended up labelled with the same nickname, and his brother, who naturally would’ve copped it too?

I thought this Prince Sun was a talking monkey? At least that’s how he’s portrayed in the version I read. Him and his companion Zu Bajie, the talking pig.

Yes, I confess, I read Journey to the West in the Comix Classics version they peddle to kids here in Taiwan.

Are you sure you don’t mean the monk Xuanzang, called Tansanzang in the story?
(Sun Wukong is the monkey, right?)

Sun Shuyun’s “Ten Thousand Miles Without a Cloud” is an involving read about the author’s journey in the footsteps of Xuanzang (the real-life monk, not the one in the story). If it is Xuanzang’s grave that has been found, it doesn’t prove anything that hasn’t been known already, although of course it will be a holy site. Apart from the books he wrote and translated, there is also a lot of other historical evidence of his life.

There is a small temple on the shores of Sun Moon Lake that has a relic of Xuanzang, a finger bone I think.

Well, according to the story there’s a plaque (IIRC) that says that the people buried there are the Great Sage Equalling Heaven (ie Sun Wukong) and his brother.

[quote=“mod lang”]I thought this Prince Sun was a talking monkey?[/quote]j I dunno at all actually, I’m just quoting the story (I think).

I dunno if you can get much better, really. Unless there’s some relic of HIM around to which you could make a DNA comparison (if you can get anything from a Late-Ming grave), but all a negative there would say is that one of the other is fake.

Where did you find this story and do you have a link to it?



I heard about it watching 全民亂講之全民大悶鍋.