Sunday Afternoon Conundrums

It is a beautiful state; it just has a ridiculous name. Although not as ridiculous as Pennsylvania, that refers to itself as a Commonwealth instead of a state. What’s the deal with that? :?

Taiwanese, so Taipeinese, Tainanese, Taitungeese, and Taichungeese?

Singular Taitungoose, Taichungoose?


Massachusetts is a commonwealth also, as are Virginia and Kentucky.

And “Pennsylvania” is a wonderful name, meaning “Penn’s woods”.

Pennsylvania is one of only three places in the world where northern and sothern forests meet and mingle resulting in a fantabulous spectrum of colors in the autumn. Sure, Vermont gets all the press for its Maple leaves in the fall… but we in Pennsylvania have those as well as spectacular, sometimes appearing (to me at least) florescent, hues of gold, orange, red, and scarlet…

The other two places are somewhere in Germany and somewhere in China.

Massholes is an actual term I heard used often in Boston (among Beantowners/Bostonians).

how about Massachusites or Massachusettites?

about as odd as lillupuddlians for liverpool (sp?)

[quote=“Tomas”] I spent a week in Beantown (Boston) a few years back[/quote] I spent six years in Boston, and no Bostonian calls Boston beantown. Only out of towners do. To a Bostonian, it’s the Hub, or the Hub of the universe, to be exact. And to set the record straight, it’s Massachusans.

While we’re on the subject, it’s not Fenway Hall, as Brendan Fraser erroneously said in the Quiet American, but Faneuil Hall.

Lillipuddlians I assume are from Lilliput. Liverpudlians are from Liverpool.


Toe Save,

Don’t fret your trek! There’s too much hype regarding SARS in Taiwan. Sit back and enjoy the ride.[/quote]

Really???..nice sentiment…I guess I can enjoy the ride indefinitely now…permission to fret a little? Hopefully, some of my new friends can keep me in sandwiches when (if) I get back…at least until I can afford to feed myself…