Sunday Afternoon Conundrums

Truth be known, I am buzz-cakes right now…I am Bacon-bits…but one of those thoughts such as befit the occasion has occured…


A reliable source…a, hell I don’t know what to call her, but she’s from Massachussettes, she don’t even know…

Her b/f says Masshole…but I think that may be part of that good-natured teasing reserved for our sig-oths…

oh…and Maoman…I may have mispelled Conundrums…not too sure…a little help??? :wink:

Why this thread???..thought we needed a board for those thots that only occur whilst thouroughly indulged…granted I am so indulged as to even think this thread may fly…cuz in 8 hours…I am…gonna…fly…

I am in such a narc’ed state as I am pre-flight to YVR…SARS has got me freaked…hope to see ya back here in a week…


The currently SARS-free, unquarantined Toe Save

BTW…we do have a wager on how fast I get the correct answer to this conundrum…

Bay Staters

I was wondering the same thing about Alabama.

Juba…Alabamans I would think…

Bay Staters, huh?

I’ll go downstairs and check it out…I’ll be disappointed if it is…I wanted a tough phonics lesson for my students…now it can only fall under trivial knowledge… :cry:

Buzz-cakian? Bacon-bitsian?


Oh yeah, you’re right:

[quote]Alabamian, Alabaman (adjs., nn.)
Both adjectives and both nouns (referring to someone from Alabama) are Standard.
[/quote](It says here.)

How about Arizona - Arizontal? Ohio - Ohiowatha? There must be a list somewhere.


Massachussetsian? Massachuter? Massa-chitlin? Massachutterian?

And what about Conundrums? I thought we were going to discuss them. The ones they sell in Taiwan are too small. And is this a conundrumian discussion? (Conundrumist? Conundrumerian? Conundrummer? . . . )

No, actually, no one calls people from Massachusetts (correct spelling, btw) special names like Californians or New Yorkers, since the word is just too long and unwieldly.

The newspapers and the poeple just say

that man from Massachusetts who drove to Maine yesterday

(And Maine people are also just called people from Maine, not Mainiacs, etc…)

or that Massachusetts man blah blah blah

THERE IS NO ACCEPTED WORD for people from Massachusetts using the name of that state… just doesn’t work for every state or country, as you know. Hong Kong? Etc?

Any way, most people from Massachusetts, which is an Indian word meaning “wide river that flows into a large bay” (thus the nickname BAY State ) most people from there are liberal commie pinko Harvard grads who voted for Gore and still wish JFK was alive…

Screw Massachusetts. What do you call Michigan people or Wisconsin people or Delaware people?

For that matter, what do we call Taipei people? Taipeiians?

How about Arizona - Arizontal? Ohio - Ohiowatha? There must be a list somewhere.[/quote]

Arizonans and Ohioans. I have not idea what people from Mass. are called.

[quote=“Toe Save”]I am in such a narc’ed state as I am pre-flight to YVR…SARS has got me freaked…hope to see ya back here in a week…


The currently SARS-free, unquarantined Toe Save[/quote]

Toe Save,

Don’t fret your trek! There’s too much hype regarding SARS in Taiwan. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

I collect US Civil War documents and will check my reference books when I get home tonight. I suspect “Massachusett(i)an”.

Thant’s a very good question. I know of references of “Alabamans” charging Little Round Top, and of “Ohioan” infantry units, but I can’t recall of any units from Massachusetts being called anything but by either their unit nicknames or “Massachusetts such-and such unit”.

Ummmm…research project…good…

alamaba : ala-bummers?
massachusset : massallah



I am a Californian. (yes, I am bored @ work)

TIgerman, Massachusans is good, but it is simply never never used. never. but it’s a good one. let’s start using it.


I use it all the time :wink:

I don’t know about the people, but when I lived in the state we called it Massatwoshits.

Main Entry: Mas

Why? I spent a week in Beantown (Boston) a few years back, and loved it. My friend who was studying there really enjoyed living in that area.

One think I remember most vividly is the number of Dunkin Donuts oulets in the outlying areas. People actually gave directions in terms of DD locations (“Yah, turn left at the Dunkin Donuts, drive a mile, then turn right at the next Dunkin Donuts.”) Fucking hilarious.

My friend who lived in Beantown at the time, Michael, is one of the most unflappable persons I’ve ever met, but he was totally rattled by the Donut Nazi in the drive-through. Michael’s wife is very careful about her diet, and was in the back of the car shouting instructions about butter content and such as he was ordering, which confused him and required him to keep changing the order. The drive-through attendant lost patience with him and said “Pull your car to the front and order at the window. If your order isn’t ready at that time, leave.” He lost his cool, and I was fighting hard not to laugh out loud. Good memories.