Sunflower seeds

OK, I just giot a huge bage of salted sunflower seeds and opening them is a real bitch, just to release one tiny seed. So, I have to ask… is it safe to chew the seed and kernel and swallow whole. I can’t really find any accurate info on the web as even though it states that 25% of Americans eat them whole, it refers to “che ‘n’ spit”, which I assume is chewing the whole thing in your mouth to release extra nutrients, then somehow using your tongue and teeth to seperate the seed from its shell. So guys, what’s the score with America’s favorite seed? Let me know and thanks in advance for any advice…

Yeah, you can eat them whole too, chewing and swallowing both the seed and shell if you want, but I’m definitely a chew and spit type.

I used to live in the Basque Country, and they had this great technique where they put the point of the seed in between their teeth, bit down just a little, twisted, bit onto the seed and pulled the shell out. I tried to copy it for years with mixed success. They were great at it. I guess practice makes perfect.

By the way, when you insert it into your mouth, do it in a vertical direction, and then twist towards horizontal. Remember, you’re looking end on at the point.

That is good news if true. I don’t have the patience to pull them apart and just figure the roughage could be a good thing.

My Chinese friends tend to think its kind of strange not to spit anything out.

the only possible harm is that the shell, if not munched down to mush, could scratch or get stuck in the throat