Sunrise Xinyi Branch - 旭集 和食集錦 信義店

Going to this place this week for afternoon tea. Need recommendation to what to eat here. I believe its all u can eat buffet.

Thank you in advance.

Scallops and beef tongue.

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It’s an effing buffet.

  1. Open mouth
  2. Shove food inside
  3. Eat.
  4. Rinse and repeat

Try to get my money’s worth bro. Not going to eat fried rice or pasta.

If you want to get your money’s worth, get more seafood. There’s a ton of sashimi and crabs and shit.


Place is not bad. They have stone crabs which was unexpectedly great! I need to try their lunch or dinner next time (prefer dinner).

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Have you tried other Japanese or seafood buffet in town? Any comparison?

I tried the one in Yilan and it wasn’t good. $600NTD/person. The afternoon tea here is like 100x better just the stone crabs alone beats it, IMO.

久千代海鮮百匯餐廳 260, Yilan County, Yilan City, Section 2, Fuxing Rd, 168號

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So . . . these are the details to the place you said “wasn’t good”?

And “here” is not that place, right?


Sunrise Xinyi Branch is > 久千代海鮮百匯餐廳.

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