Sunshine hours for selected cities, Taipei,Taichung, Kaohsiung

One thing is certain Taipei is not famous for being a sunny city

average sunshine hours by city for a year
Busan, South Korea - 2,327.3 hours
Kaohsiung, Taiwan - 2,212.2 hours
Nagoya, Japan - 2,091.6 hours
Seoul, South Korea - 2,066.0 hours
Taichung, Taiwan - 2,043.2 hours
Tokyo, Japan - 1,876.7 hours
Sapporo, Japan - 1,740.4
Paris, France 1,662 hours
Frankfurt, Germany - 1,662
London, United Kingdom - 1,633
Berlin, Germany - 1,626
Taipei, Taiwan - 1,405


Yeah, we’re pretty lucky with weather outside of the rainy season here in Kaohsiung. One of the few perks of this place over Taipei. :stuck_out_tongue:

Taipei gets 200 less hours of sunshine than notoriously rainy city London? :flushed: I knew Taipei had crappy weather, but I didn’t know it was that bad.


During the summer KHH is definitely far less humid than TPE and a couple Celsius less in temperature.

Less humid, yes. Is it really cooler though? Because it feels like an oven in August.

Our family lived a long long time in Taipei. We all agree that the few (3-5) Celsius lower in temperature makes a huge difference in summer.

I knew it, my hair’s growing gray significantly after living here for the last 4 years due to the lack of vitamin D.