Suntan lotion - where to buy?

With rather fair skin and a lot of outdoor swimming I do need strong sun protection, like SPF 30/50. While I found it in small amounts and very high prices in Cosmed and Watson’s, I am wondering if anyone of you has found it at a reasonable price in larger amounts? Or can it be ordered online? Thanks in advance

I’ve found it to be pretty expensive here too, at least compared to the other places I’ve lived (or nearby countries I’ve gone to where I might need suntan lotion and have forgotten to bring one of the several expensive bottles I have at home, for the handful of days a year I venture outside into the sunshine). I’d suggest buying on Shopee (after checking that the seller seems reputable).

We talking suntan lotion as in a lotion to help you tan or sunblock to prevent tan/burn?

Sunblock (sorry, German😀) to prevent sunburn

Lol no worries!

I buy Nivea SUN, which is a deodrant like sunblock and it is SPF 50. I always get it at Poya, it is 200ml and pretty expensive but I can’t remember the exact price.

Two tubes of bananaboat was over 700ntd at Costco, smdh. You could get the same bottle for under five bucks back Stateside.

Cosmed had buy one get one last week 499Nt for giant bottle of 50 spf neutrogena 6.7 oz .
Great deal!

Best to find a buy one get one,
Sometimes Carrefour has bogos also

Imo stay far away from Japanese creams
And i hear tw creams arent any good also

Thank you so much for all your advice!

PX Mart

Sun block is easy to buy. As for proper tanning lotion and oil, I have to go to the speedo shops by the red house in xi men ding!