Supao/Pocari Sweat/Gatorade powder

I’d like to get some sports drink powder/concentrate so I can make my own. I usually fill up five liter bottles of water at nearby water machine and I figure it’d be easy to add some powder to that. I’d like to buy it in bulk if possible. Do they sell this stuff at Costco?

I’ve seen this stuff at Costco (canada), but if not Costco Taiwan, then I would look for hiking stores in Asia. They seem to have this kind of stuff pretty often.

sugar + salt

I’ll make you up a few kilos … say NT$2,000?

they sell pocari in powder form in the giant cycle shops

SOME climbing/outdoors stores also carry Pocari powder in sachets, in two sizes: either one bottle per sachet or four bottles per sachet. you can sometimes even buy a box of ten sachets. wow! but it is rare to find the stuff in stock. thanks for the tip that Pocari is now sold in Giant stores, Mr Bear, as it used to be impossible to find, and must be catching on.

they are ridiculously expensive, and it’d be just as cheap to by the stuff ready made. i do buy them when i see them as they are easier to carry than a full bottle of the stuff if i’m cycling to remote places where i know only water is available.

i have seen none of the others here at all, i definitely have not seen any of the better stuff like Heed. triathlon clubs may also be able to help, i know one guy in our club organises a bulk purchase of several hundreds of PowerBars/ power gels/ gatorade powder/ accelerade powder per year from the states.

if you do make your own, which is possible despite stray dog’s sarcastic tone (!) use unrefined sea salt, not regular table salt, so you get the other ions you need too. adding a little potassium bicarbonate too can help, and so can some extra calcium if you can find it as the chloride or the sulfate (yuk). as for sugar, a mix of glucose powder and sucrose powder is better than straight sucrose (table sugar) or fructose (corn syrup).

Only half sarcastic! :raspberry:

Or you can pick up a small box of 3-4 bags in your local Carrefour.
Can’t stand the stuff, the only one I can force myself to drink here in Fin, the rest tastes aweful :sick: