Super 14 2009 - Fantasy Leagues

Are you guys playing any fantasy leagues for the Super 14? I’m on foxsports

and Testrugby

In Foxsports I don’t have a league, but would be willing to either create one for us, or to join any leagues you guys may be a part of. No fun playing on your own.
In Testrugby I have a league. It’s called Tainan Rugby club and you’re all welcome to join.

Foxsports is cool, because you have a 15 man squad with a reserve for each position. Testrugby is also nice, but you only have 10 positions.

Would love to get more people together and have at each other on Fantasy league!

I shall rally forth and do battle with thee!

While you’re rallying your armies, check out Super Dream Teams here: … ashboard.j

We can actually win prizes with this one. I won two jerseys and a two year subscription to Mediazone last year!

You’ll need this info to join the league.

League name: Tainan Rugby Club
League code: 7764644654417

Looking forward to doing battle with you (and anyone else willing to engage their rugby prowess).

For the Fox Sports site I also created a league. You need this code to join: 11032-2289

Jimipresley - Haven’t seen any of your teams on any of the three sites. Let me know if you’re having problems…

Shit! When does it start?

In less than 10 minutes!!

Brumbies 33- 31 Highlanders (Awesome nine game!!)
Force 19 - 25 Blues

Waiting for the Cheetahs vs Lions game at 1am…

Oh dear, Mr Bismarck. It seems I am unable to battle with you. Sicerest apologies.

You can still join, you’ll just start off a little behind. But as these things go, you may catch up and/or pass…