Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron

PageOne is sold out and they said it would be two months before they can get this book. Does anyone know another place that sells this book? Or does anyone have an old copy they would be willing to sell or lend?

My daughter is very interested in food now. I dont think that she can wait two months. She tried to eat my wife’s breakfast yesterday. She has been showing signs that she’s ready to eat solid foods for about three weeks.

Amazon has it, but I am not really willing to pay the $12 they want for shipping (the book is only $13.57).

I don’t know that book, but it all seems pretty simple for us. My daughter’s 15 months old and she has loved eating for the past half year.

She loves fruit: apples, guava, grapes, etc., but I’ve discovered that peaches, plums, nectarines, orange or tangerine segments and watermelon are particularly good, because they’re easy for her to eat on her own.

She also loves steamed veggies – carrots, broccoli, celery, asparagus (one of her favorites, and mine) and those foods are also easy for her to eat on her own.

Of course here in Taiwan, congee is a biggie. Just cook rice with a lot of water and one can put chopped up veggies and fish in it (our girl loves fish, but one has to be careful to feed small pieces, removing all bones first).

She likes breakfast stuff too, particularly eggs and those fried white squares they sell at local breakfast stands. You said your daughter tried to eat your wife’s breakfast yesterday – great, next time your wife should give it to her.

In fact, our girl likes to eat virtually everything. Just about anything we eat I will feed to her. I used to sit her on my lap and feed her from my plate with chopsticks (because she begged me to do so), but I don’t want her to expect that, so now we set her in her baby chair with tray and dump some rice or whatever in front of her and she loves eating on her own (and smearing some of it in her hair).

I don’t see any need for a book. If one eats a well-rounded diet and shares it with ones baby, what more can they tell you in a book? Honestly, I’d be curious what wisdom the book offers that isn’t otherwise available through plain common sense about food and diet.

But do do a search on forumosa for baby food topics- I seem to remember braxtonhicks posting a great list of guidelines of which foods should start when- especially when it comes to things like eggs, wheat, etc