Super Bowl and the Oscars

Hi all,

Question 1: Will the SuperBowl be on regular cable TV (so I can watch it from my apartment)? (Or do I have to go to a sportsbar?)

Question 2: Will the Academy Awards be on cable TV?


Star Movies apparently got the contract for the Oscar ceremony, which I suspect means a live broadcast, if not a repeat the same night.
Though judging from the Golden Globes, most news channels will be showing the Oscars as well, though no doubt with commercial breaks and stupid remarks about the stars’ clothes just when there’s something actually worth listening to.

Super Bowl is live on ESPN at 7am Feb 2.

Here is the site for ESPN and Star Sports schedules.

If you like to watch the halftime stuff, it would be better to find a place with a satellite feed because ESPN usually doesn’t show it. They use their own announcer and don’t do the network thing. At least that’s what they did last year.

Star Movies always carries the Oscars live. They broadcast once at 9am (we’re 12 hours later than US EST 9pm) and then again in the evening, for those of us who work in the mornings. But to watch in the evenings, you already know who won, so it’s not as fun as seeing it live.
I think it’s great that Johnny Depp and Bill Murray got nods for best actor. Sean Penn will probably win though.

Taiwan is 13 hours ahead of EST currently. Thus, it is now just about 12:15 pm in Taiwan on Wednesday, January 28th… and it is just about 11:15 pm on Tuesday, January 27th in New York.

That’s right. Fall back, spring forward.
Then it’s on at 10 am in Taiwan on Star Movies. Yes?
All I know is that it comes on live every year.

Great! Both are on the tube…

Thanks to all for their replies.