Super Bowl

Does anyone know if any bars or restaurants will be showing the Super Bowl live on Monday morning? If so, will they be putting on a breakfast spread?

I think there’s at least some info on this in the Events forum. As I recall people have mentioned that both the Tavern and the Brass Monkey are showing it, and apparently there are other places as well. I remember the Tavern guy specifically described a pretty fantastic sounding breakfast. Not sure about the other places.

We will open at 6am and will serve a set breakfast for $300. It’s pretty huge!! Game starts at 7am and we have 2 large screens, one in a non smoking area and several TVs. We are a pub so the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Last year was great, so swing on by if you’re near.

Breakfast includes.
Muesli & milk
A Platter of Bacon, 2 eggs, beans, tomato, 1/2 sausage, our famous thick cut fries.
Toast (jam & butter)
Tea/Coffee/Juice/Soft drink.

General Manager