Superlight undershirts

Ok. So I’m living the student lifestyle. I’m out the door at 7:15 am and not getting home till 9:30 p.m. I also walk around the city and it’s getting darn hot.

I’ll wear a short sleeve shirt with a collar with an undershirt.
I’d was thinking about carrying an extra undershirt with me and changing mid-way through the day.

Any suggestions on some super light regular undershirts or maybe even wifebeaters? The thing is being Taiwan, the shirt has to be opaque. Am I kidding myself? superlight and opaque?


Ditch the undershirt for one thing. Why people still wear those, especially in sumer is beyond me.

Get yourself some dry fit (dry Tech) shirts if you want to stay dry and cool in the heat. These things wisk the sweat away from your body and dry very quickly.

You can get dry fit polo like shirts at the Nike outlets around town and the sporting outlet stores near Shida. I’ve heard even Giordano now sells dry fit shirts though these may just be T-shirts.

i second that - a third of the shirts in my closet are dry-fit, or other companies versions of it. nothing beats it in the summer here. as mucha said, you can get dry-fit collared shirts and such now. i still have to throw an extra one in a bag sometimes, but the comfort level is fab …

[quote=“xtrain_01”]…as Muzha said, you can get dry-fit collared shirts and such now. [/quote]Are there any that could be worn with a tie? I haven’t seen any.

i wear a tie every time someone gets married, and not too often otherwise … so i don’t look too much for these. i also bought four custom dress shirts in vietnam, and they are really light, so i’m fine as far as these go.

i know that there are golf shirts, polo shirts etc., although these would be kinda casual with ties, if they would work at all …

Look for this brand Called “Three Gun” Brand.
They make thin 100% cotton undershirts popular with local peasants.
my dad will not wear any other brand but “Three Gun” because he doesn’t like the cotton/polyester blends on the market.
I saw a retailer in Shilin once for this brand.
I hope this helps