Supermemo again

Please don’t delete this post, I know we’ve been over it before but I’m asking a specific question and didn’t want to drag up an old post and stick this on the end.

I used to study Chinese with supermemo for palm and it was great. I’ve since upgraded to pocket PC but i can’t switch my databases over.

I also don’t know if i can create the databases on my pc then transfer them to my pocket PC? or what would be much simpler is to be able to convert the palm databases to be able to use them on my pocket PC.

I’m totally computer illiterate and hoped that someone a bit more knowledgable could help me out, please!

I think it can probably be done. I got part of the way there but my goal is different. I am trying to convert Miltownkid’s databases to the desktop version of Supermemo. I used PDB Converter (available at ) to change it to Excel format. It came out a little garbled in Excel but the flash card data was still there and after some deletion and messing around with columns a little I cleaned it up. I then pasted it into Knowledge Harvester (the Supermemo add-on). This seemed to be working but when I pasted the Chinese characters in they didn’t come through properly. I still need to sort out that part but I think there must be a fairly painless way to get from Excel to a PPC database. Anyway, good luck!

I tried using that PDB converter but then it just keeps saying that there is an error generated by the database???

I got those errors too. I ended up being able to open them by turning all of my Chinese capability on my computer off. I use NJSTAR for Chinese input and reading and I had that shut off and my language bar on English. Then I was able to open the pdb’s in PDB converter. At that point the Chinese wasn’t legible of course but I saved them as Excel. Excel is more robust, so with the Chinese switched back on I opened them up in Excel and it was all there.

You can also save tab-delimited text right from PDB converter, so if that works you can probably save a step getting it converted over to PPC.

I have managed to get the databases into XML and text and QNA format but not of these will work on my pocket PC - it just says they are empty???

That sounds quite strange. I am totally unfamiliar with pocket PC but I’ve used Excel to make Supermemo databases for Palm and it’s quite simple. I can use columns A to G for the data. I put my Question data in column A and Answer data in column B (I generally don’t use the other columns). Then I save as tab-delimited text. From there I use the little Supermemo converter program to change it to a .pdb for use in Palm Supermemo and it works fine. If XML isn’t working for you there might be an equivalent way to do this for Pocket PC.

Can’t find the original post about setting up a palm with supermemo and CKJOS. Anyway, I have both apps on but cannot read chinese characters. I remember there was some setting for CKJOS but I can’t remember it. Help, please.