SUPERVISORS: How much do you make?

I’ve been offered a supervising position at my school; training new teachers, setting up peer observations, hiring new teachers, writing a training guide/school curriculum. But in typical Taiwanese fashion, they didn’t make me an offer in terms of pay, they asked me what I think I should be paid.

I’m thinking of just getting my hourly wage increased to compensate for the extra hours I’ll be working, but I’d like to find out what other supervisors are making, including bonuses and holiday pay.

I’m a bit of a push over and I love the school and the kids where I work, so I’d probably accept something a lot lower than the market rate. But I don’t want to do that just because I already see the market going lower and lower and don’t want to be a part of that.

Any information/help is appreciated!


I wouldn’t even dare to venture what a buxiban “supervisor” makes in Taiwan because there are probably as many different job descriptions as there are supervisor positions.

Think about this: they will be here forever, and you most likely will not. Get all you can while you can. I know that sounds mercenary, but as long as you give them your best, you are entitled to the best they can give you. Milk it for all it’s worth.

Don’t let your enchantment with the school get in the way of the reality of your bank account. I have walked that road and perhaps a little greed on my part would have been better in the long run for all concerned.

Good luck.

I’ve had several teaching supervisors at various schools in Taipei confide to me that they get paid less than I do, when I’m working under them. This because I work more hours than them, true, and they certainly earn more per hour than me, but it’s depressing to hear that kind of self-deprecating attitude from someone who I’d prefer to look up to. I hope when you’re the teaching supervisor you can spare your fellow teachers that line, “You know, you make more than I do, and I’m the head teacher/manager.”

The supervisors at Kojen make less than the teachers per hour and in total per month.