Supplemental health insurance?

We’re looking for supplemental health insurance, specifically to cover physiotherapy/chiropractor and counseling/therapy. I understand it could come in a package that includes other things, that’s fine.

I’m just having a really hard time finding a broker who 1. Offers insurance to cover physiotherapy and counseling and 2. Preferably speaks English to be able to explain the contents.

Anybody have any resources? Referrals?


Mine speaks pretty decent English, reads better of course. We usually communicate by text. She can hook you up with Nanshan. You need to pass a physical to determine how much you pay.

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That would be perfect. Could you send me her contact info?

Bumping this thread because I need to get supplemental health insurance I think- turning 58 this year and have had a couple of accidents (slipped and fallen, needed stitches) and a few minor illnesses but more than before in my life, maybe need to consider supplemental insurance. Have had all good experiences with NHI so far but getting older is making me think something else might happen where I would be happy with more coverage. Seems about 30k a year to 50k a year is the going rate, are there companies that deal with expats? Thanks…

We have Lisa Qiu from Taishin. She speaks fluent English. She’s super responsive and helpful. Could not recommend her more

Thanks! Maybe I will shoot her an e-mail, hate calling anyone these days…

Don’t stress about that! When I have questions, I call her no problem

Just searched Lisa Qiu here out of curiosity and I would also highly recommend her. She speaks English fluently, is not pushy, and understands that sometimes the offering in our home countries is better.