Support for abortion depression

I recently learned that a friend of mine had an abortion several years ago. She was pressured to do so by her boyfriend and fueled by her own fears of what her parents would do to her if they discovered she was pregnant. She has never forgiven herself for having the abortion and fights terrible depression.

I know abortion is a serious problem here - and it seems that there is little support for women who have had to make this terrible choice. Are there any support groups, professional therapists (not the usual doctors who simply throw medication at their patients), or other women here who might like to share their experiences, coping methods, healing process, etc.?

My friend doesn’t want help. She feels as though she deserves the punishment of depression, guilt, and feeling of failure.


I suspect that you are not being sincere and are simply trying to make a point based on your subjective beliefs. Abortion is not always the wrong decision; often it may be the right decision. But, if you really do have a friend who is troubled and needs counseling (about any issue), she can check out the following:

Professional counseling is available at the Community Services Center for both adults and children of the international community. They have Master and Doctorate level western-trained counselors with extensive practical experience. They have offices in Tien Mu and downtown Taipei, and client confidentiality is strictly observed. They can be reached at 2836-8134.

MT, i don’t see where the original poster mentions anything about abortion being right or wrong.

Maybe she is refering to the the line that says “terrible choice”