Supreme Court Justice Caught in Love Motel

All over the news right now…seems like the Honorable Justice & Vice-President of the Judicial Yuan was caught in a love motel – with a woman who is not his wife.

I wonder if he will get the adultery sentence thrown at him… … p?curno=21

Who “caught” him? Was it the usual tip-off by the spurned wife? I used to love those… If she set it all up just right, the whole bust unfolds on camera, like on “Cops,” with the pandemonium, histrionics, the shamed philanderer scrambling for clothes, the vilification of the homewrecker…and if you’re really lucky, maybe a hair-pulling catfight…

Apparently the media/parapazzi’s been on to him for a while, and followed him all the way to the girl’s apartment, to the love motel, snapping photos all the way.

The gentleman’s explanation for being in a love-motel with someone 30 years younger than him…? He claims she was feeling a little ill, had problems with diarrhea, and the only convenient bathroom was in the love-motel. I guess she must’ve been pretty sick, since they spent 70 minutes in the place.

Oh, no, all of a sudden the old B-52s song Love Shack is running though my head. I used to see this Right Honorable El Supremo Court justice from time to time when I taught over at the Judicial Yuan.

He should have bought and read my book on legal ethics. I devote a whole chapter to the legal ethics problems of attorneys and judges banging people other then their spouses/significant others (e.g. doing the wild thing with clients, other sides clients, other attorneys, witness, sheep, geese, et. al.).

Turning to the serious side of things. Let us start taking bets now. What do you all bet the odds are that the Public Flunkies & Snivel Servants Ethics Committee (I forget its real name at 6 in the morning) will buy the I had a bad case of the shits and had to bolt to the nearest head (with the bimbo) and relieve myself defense?

I do not know how I would bet on that one. It actually depends on the Byzantine politics over at the Judicial Yuan. They may circle the wagons and just slap his wrist (or weeny) or—they may throw him to the wolves to show they are tough and serious about legal ethics.

Time for breakfast sandwiches,
Yours in the jurisprudence of love,
Herr Doktor of Legal Ethics Brian

He was entrapped by ChiComm agents

I just got back from the 7-11; uh, since this caper is splashed all over the front page of every rag in the rack

Exactly, look at all this corruption and idiocy. The CCP better invade soon and remove all these people so we can have a peaceful fascist government that actually knows something about economic growth and prosperity for all Han.

Honestly speaking, he should be thrown to the wolves.

This post is really not very helpful without a picture of the woman.

As I turned the corner past the Judicial Yuan at noon today I saw about 20 t.v. vans and thought, oh, whats up. As most of you may have heard The Mauler chickened out and resigned. He should have hung tough, I would have handled his defense pro bono although we would have had to “tune up” his defense a bit.

On a more serious note, I guess he was under tons of pressure from the Big Boss of the JY to resign, keep his pension and save Taiwans judiciary from another trip through the mud.

Take care,
Attorney Brian
Specializing in Defense of Judicial Ethics Violations

Well, can anyone here blame him from being a man?

You guys should be ashame of yourselves, so pudic. If he wants to bang whoever he wants, than wtf should we care about it.
This matter should be resolved between him and his wife. Who cares what position he has - he has right to a private life. Even if the private life means banging girls (as long as they are not underage).
Really, the only sick stuff here was his answer - he should have been straight to it - “Yes, I was banging her - Are you jealous about my manhood at 70’s? Or are you jealous because you can’t even get a nice girl like this?”. Bang, end of the story, a journalist gets what he deserves for having no private life and messing with other’s.

About Ethics - Ethic is a nice word, but if you take all the religious bullshit out of it, you will discover that it is only about respect. The guy only did something that his wife might consider unrespectfull to her, but that is her own cup of tea.

I don’t care about it at all. But he’s in a high position of judicial authority and he broke the law.

Well, that doesn’t make it bad, specially in Tw where braking the law is kind of common.

Well, that doesn’t make it bad, specially in Tw where braking the law is kind of common.[/quote]
My mistake. I should have said he got caught breaking the law. That is bad, specially if you’re one of the country’s highest judges.

Yes, getting caught is worse. But he can still divorce from his wife, put his wife running for the job, get her ellected and get married again after, can’t he?

mr_boogie -
You wouldn’t happen to be from Arkansas would ya’ ?

No, wo pu she meiguoren

The truth is that the guy from south establish a precedent to all the crooks in the country - “You can’t vote for me - vote for my will-be-next-wife ex-wife!!!”

The truth is that the guy from south establish a precedent to all the crooks in the country - “You can’t vote for me - vote for my will-be-next-wife ex-wife!!!”[/quote]

Hardly. That’s been common practice in Taiwan for many years. Furthermore, it’s not illegal here. Unlike adultery.

I notice he was allowed to resign. I’d love to ask him how he’d feel if I fucked his wife, and whether or not the law against adultery should in such an event be invoked against me.

So, he will not be charged with adultery because:

(a) he’s a judge, and they are immune from prosecution
(b) he’s rich, and rich people are above the law (one law for the poor, many laws for the rich)
© he’s already resigned, and that’s punishment enough for breaking the law
(d) what law?
(e) what do you expect? He’s a judge! Do as I say, not as I do!

[quote]So, he will not be charged with adultery because:
It depends on whether his wife wants to press charges. I don’t think the Prosecutor’s Office can charge him on its own.
Brian Kennedy would probably know for sure.

The truth is that the overuse of political status for other means is a common thing over here. It is really a bad thing that the people in this country have no vision of the future. The importante is to get in theyr pockets as much as they can now, because the elections can make them loose theyr job.

about the fact of being charged or not, I believe that it is not a public offense, and as so, the prosecutor cannot go after him (hey, but this is Tw, even the media are judges).