Surfing: Yilan vs Hualien

Hi guys,

I’m applying to come out to Taiwan and study Mandarin starting September 2015. I’m trying to decide between basing myself in Yilan and Hualien. One of the major factors is the quality of surf I’ll be getting. (By the way I realise Taitung is where it’s at surf-wise, but there are no approved schools around there.)

I’ve travelled through Taiwan a couple of times. I scored some mediocre waves in Yilan (Wai’ao), and saw a spot in Hualien (on a small swell) that looked OK, but nothing special. I know there are quite a few alternatives in Yilan, and suspect it’s the same around Hualien, though the named spots on Wannasurf etc are few.

I may only have a scooter rather than a car, so trips down to the big names spots from Hualien could be difficult. I’m particularly interested in the quality of the local surf.

Any thoughts appreciated.



(note - I don’t surf!)

AFAIK the spots in town remain mediocre, The Dump south of Qixingtan, with unpleasant entry/exit.
Then there are a couple of small breaks about 10km south of town, and after that Jici (about a 45 min scooter drive away).

It’s nothing to get too excited about. I don’t know about Yilan and the north-east.
If you’re in Hualien, then with the trainline improvements to Taidong, you can get down there pretty quick on a weekend. Course, you then got to get to the coast… :whistle:

I don’t know about Yilan, but Toucheng is nearby. It’s kind of a surf town. The waves are ok. If you drive around the north coast, you might find some better spots.

Thanks Nuit, that’s pretty good knowledge for a guy that doesn’t surf! I think the picture I’m halfway through getting is that Hualien’s local spots are a little further out than Yilan’s, probably of similar quality, though you’ve got the benefit of being closer to the treasures of Taitung. Hmm…

Keoni, I’m betting you’re right and there are a host of spots to be found.

TimFierce, which region did you end up going to? I’m also a surfer interested in learning mandarin in Taiwan and would like to know about the surf in Yilan or Hualien.