Surveillance cameras in Taiwan

I wonder how many of these cameras are operating in Taiwan, and where they are positioned?

More to the point, how many of them actually work?


Well, there are probably 100s of 1,000s or more of them in Taiwan.
As to if they are made by those companies, there are so many Taiwanese closed-circuit TV camera manufacturers that the chances are quite low.
Just look at the military not allowing Huawei or other ChiComm phones on base.
Would expect the police departments to also have the same restrictions for CCTV cameras.
You do something most anyplace in Taiwan with a telephone pole, and you probably are being recorded (except maybe the mountain passes).

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A lot of the mountain passes have cameras, so do anything naughty with your girlfriends you young bucks then remember your baseball hat and shades.

You mean like this live camera at Yangmingshan National Park?

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There is one by that waterfall and on one of the pathways behind it , be careful ha ha ha

They are going to renew these cameras in Taipei. Taipei city invested in their own fiber optic cable network especially for the cameras.

They don’t seem to have them always when crime solving though as in the dean case

Actually, the reverse is true. Lots of Taiwanese equipment is used for the whole hardware stack of China’s 1984 network.

Easy to figure out. Look at crime.

1: How many people turn themselves in?

2: how fast did they turn themselves in?

With those 2 things to consider you get an idea of quantity of cameras and willingness to find people. Difference between here and China is there its more.automated. here they still erase after a.week or so.

If they can flee Taiwan they don’t turn themselves in.

Or they turn themselves in, promise not to leave, and then leave anyway. :idunno:

Either way they know it’s caused they will be caught, in large part due insane amount of cameras everywhere.