Survey on Language Learning & Language Exchange

Here’s a survey on the experiences and habits of language learners.
Would like to ask for your experiences and opinions

Would like to do something to help enhance the efficiency of language learning/practice and cultural exchange and make it more fun and interesting!

:pray: The survey only takes around 5 minutes.

PS. We will make a brief report and share the result with the people who filled in the questionnaire.

Thanks a lot for your time!!!

THIS IS A TROLL TO GET EMAIL ADDRESSES. Final question is mandatory field to get your email address.

Yeah, it is a bad idea to give your real email in a random survey.

In case some site does not let you login until you verify your email, you can always use

I don’t know how this thread came up in my feed. Did not see it was old…

I wondered the same thing.

Ghost month.

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