Sweet popcorn for that sweet tooth

Pop the corn and pour into a bowl to extract the widows. Put a cup of sugar into a small sauce pan. Pour just enough canned milk in with it to make a sticky syrup. Heat it to a boil and add just a bit more of the canned milk. If you have some vanilla flavoring, add a splash. It’s not necessary but I like it this way. Also, you can try a splash of rum. I like that even better. Sugar will dissolve and leave a syrup. Pour it over the popcorn and stir until it cools. The corn will coat with the syrup so don’t add too much. The corn should coat with all of the syrup. Now, turn on a good movie. Good to go. Good for popcorn balls too.

er… sweet popcorn. :barf:

salty all the time, with a dash of butter (NOT margarine) :thumbsup:

but thanx for the recipe anyway.

Ya; I sometimes forget the small details like a little real butter and some sea salt. Around my house we call that “receipe drift”. My SO has a habit of using the recipe’s that I like and gradually changing with each time she uses them so they end up being more Taiwanese than Western. This has proven both aggravating amd interesting at times. A good example is my breakfast potatoes O’Brien. Finally chopped baked potatoes from last night cooked in a little butter and the residue of backing grease from my cooked bacon that I will eat with my spuds O’brien and a poached egg on toast. Poached because I am watching my cholesterol :roflmao: and some finally diced onions and red/green sweet peppers. Salt!
Now they have evolved to thick slices of fried potatoes in oil with some cooked onion slices and strips of sweet pepper. Aww well, a kitchen retrain occasionally is a good bonding experience.