Sweet potato leaves - healthy, a hallucinogen, hazardous to pets

Sweet potato leaves are healthy like other leafy plants and lots of information about them.

Seems the stems also contain LSD and are hazardous to cats and dogs.


What am I doing wrong?
We’ve been using yam leaves and their stems for years.
Where’s my high?

This all seems a bit unlikely. I would imagine the toxic reaction is to the latex-y stuff that they exude (which I find is a skin irritant), not “LSD”. If it were present to any significant degree I think we would have heard about it by now, possibly via a-ma and a-bei hiding under the sofa hollering about the bugs coming out of the walls.

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I don’t think it has LSD either. First LSD is a synthetic chemical from what I understand. It was made by accident in a lab as the story goes. Maybe psilocybin which is in magic mushrooms.

There is something psychoactive in ipomoea seeds. Some species anyway. But yeah, actual LSD is synthetic.

EDIT: wikipedia says this:

Other species were and still are used as potent entheogens. Seeds of Mexican morning glory ( tlitliltzin, I. tricolor ) were thus used by Aztecs and Zapotecs in shamanistic and priestly divinationrituals, and at least by the former also as a poison, to give the victim a “horror trip” (see also Aztec entheogenic complex). Beach moonflower ( I. violacea ) was also used thus, and the cultivarscalled ‘Heavenly Blue Morning Glory’, touted today for their psychoactive properties, seem to represent an indeterminable assembly of hybrids of these two species.

Ergine (D-lysergic acid amide)

Ergoline derivatives (lysergamides) are probably responsible for the entheogenic activity. Ergine (LSA), isoergine, D-lysergic acid N-(α-hydroxyethyl)amide and lysergol have been isolated from I. tricolor , I. violacea and/or purple morning glory ( I. purpurea ); although these are often assumed to be the cause of the plants’ effects, this is not supported by scientific studies, which show although they are psychoactive, they are not notably hallucinogenic.[ citation needed ]Alexander Shulgin in TiHKAL suggests ergonovine is responsible, instead. It has verified psychoactive properties, though as yet other undiscovered lysergamides possibly are present in the seeds.

So LSD is, it seems, a synthetic analog of ergine.

Maybe it only has psychoactive chemicals that react that way to some animals. For example ketamine is a horse tranquilizer but also acts as a hallucinogen to humans.

This could explain a couple of things.


Maybe they have LSD confused with DMT which present all over the place.

Sweet potato leaves are one of the most nutritious leafy green vegetables around. I’ve started replacing kale, which is hard to find or unreasonably expensive, with sweet potato leaves in smoothies but they are quite bitter sometimes.

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