Swimming in Muzha

Have checked the telit ‘swimming’ page, but could only find one in Wan Hwa. Does anyone know of decent pools for training swims in the Muzha area? The university perhaps?

You can’t use the uni pools unfortunately. There is a pool up in Wanfang community and one on Xinhai road about 1 km north of Muxing Rd. I believe that the new health club that opened above the Carrefore/B&Q has two dedicated lap lanes. That would be you’re best bet, I think.

Hey, you can also check out the hiking thread and see the natural swimming holes just a 30 minute drive from Muzha.

Has anyone been to the one on Xinglong Road, in between Muzha and Muxin roads? It looks a bit tatty from the outside, but someone told me it was alright.

I asked about when the Zhengda pool will be fixed and they said ‘soon’…seems they’re making it into an indoor pool, such a shame.

This pool is just a 5-minute walk from Wanfang MRT. See map: home.trtc.com.tw/EINFO/bigmap.asp?number=br11

The early-bird session is a snip at NT$30, and lasts till 7:30am. NT$60 any other time, I think. It’s open till pretty late in the evening.

If you’re tall, keep you fingernails short, or they’ll scrape on the bottom of the pool.