Swimming Lessons for Adults in New Taipei City

Hi, everyone! I am a female who can’t swim at all. I am wondering where I could take swimming lessons in English in New Taipei City. I prefer the instructor to be a female. I can’t speak Mandarin so they will have to be able to speak English.

Thank you all!


All pools have swimming lessons. The chance of finding an English speaking instructor is slim. Best bet is to find the pools nearest you and go ask. You might get lucky.

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Now I scuba dive & swim in the sea when possible. I learned to swim at the Y. They teach 4 stages in 8 hours: 1. Blow bubbles 2. Hold side of pool & kick 3. Fold a float between your legs & use your arms. 4. Combine 1,2,3

Thank you for your response. Can you please give me the address and how much it cost? Also, it was in English, right?

Thank you so much! I will go to the nearest swimming pool and ask them then!

Blowing bubbles is putting your face down in the water, exhaling, then turning your head keeping an ear in the water, inhaling, turn your head and exhale. The exercises are a matter of practice.

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Hi. I’m actually also interested in this as I still don’t know how to swim either. I found that the American club offers classes. If you’d be keen to do a private class for 2 people with me, it’d be way cheaper :slight_smile:

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Are you still interested?

Aaahhh, so my swimming instructor did not communicate the inhale part. Or more likely, I did not understand the instructions because she spoke in Chinese…


Hello. Interested to know if you eventually found a swimming instructor that speaks English.

Hi, already learned? Im searching for swimming instructor now or anyone willing to teach me

not new taipei, in beitou sports center near shipai station they have adult lessons, they have a girl teacher called Niu Niu, but I’m not sure abiut her english ability.
Ke Qiang swimming pool near zhishan mrt (red line) has an English speaking swim instructor called Bill,his english is ok, but he is a man.

The absolute bastard :rofl:

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I thought OP was looking for a woman instructor

Bears don’t always read

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