Switched on 3 features today: Chat, Status, and Sidebar

I switched on some recent new features of Discourse. Pls post here if you have any questions.

  1. Realtime Chat seems very similar to PMs but is a bit more accessible

  2. User Status allows you to temporarily add a small emoji to your avatar and a line of text

  3. The Navigation Sidebar seems to be a more intuitive way to customize your bookmarks and way of using the forums


Is there a way for me to individually remove the side bar from my view? I don’t like it.

Edit: I figured it out. Click the three lines top left.


Seems more complicated with no increase in functionality.

I am completely not happy. Tried to click off the sidebar and ended up in phone mode on my lappy and now it’s all better, Carry on!

I like the new look. On desktop it seems handy.


If you go into your preferences, you can tweak the sidebar content

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…and when you are logged in and hovering over the Categories (Forums) or Tags sections of the Sidebar, you can tweak by clicking the pencil icon that appears



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This is known as a Hamburger Menu


I don’t mind it.

I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s not a problem

Yeah, I was just trying to keep it simple rather than throw burgers into the equation. :hugs:


And if you change the Navigation Setting after clicking the pencils in your Sidebar, you can add on how many unread posts there are in the forums and tags that you follow

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I don’t see a button for new activity on “TRACKED” thread.
This was my go to.
Where can I find it?