Switching ARC Sponsor

Hi there,

I’m switching my employer and my current contract ends July 31st and my new employer is willing to sponsor me as soon as possible after that. The problem is that they say I need to get a letter of release from my current job. Is that necessary? I won’t begin to do any work for the new employer until after my contract is complete and my current employer forbids me to have any other part time or other job. Is it too early to apply for a new sponsor now? The new employer wants to get everything done in advance so I can transition smoothly, especially since I will be out of Taiwan visiting home from July 9th-31st.

So the question is, do I need to be closer to my ARC expiring before I can apply for a new sponsor? Is so, what is the time period? Please let me know, thanks in advance.

I knew someone who did this. I don’t know the actual laws on paper, but it seemed like a legal grey area. His old employee was reluctant to sign a release at first, it took a lot of persistence and diplomacy to finally get the letter.

I don’t think getting a letter will be the problem. My current employer knows I’m leaving after the contract. The problem is if the immigration office will see this as overlap and postpones my ability to get an ARC up until a much closer date, with not much time for me to spare since I’ll be out of Taiwan for 3 weeks up to the end of my ARC sponsorship. I really need to have ARC sponsorship by August 10th at the absolute latest. How early can I apply for a new sponsor? Will the immigration office see this as overlap and prevent me from getting a new sponsor until a much closer date?

Fraid I don’t know. This must be a common occurrence, they must have a system for dealing with this. Taiwanese bureaucracy is much better than most countries. I guess some more experienced ppl will answer tomorrow. Good Luck.