Switching from APRC to TARC after naturalization

What happens if you don’t switch from an APRC to TARC after naturalization? NIA says there’s no deadline for the switch…

I was asking this question a while ago but didn’t get an answer. I guess there are two questions:

  1. Is there a deadline for getting a TARC? I don’t think so, many NWHORs live abroad and don’t have TARCs.

  2. Can a dual Taiwan National enter and live in Taiwan using their foreign passport + ARC or APRC? I feel like the answer is yes for ARC but no for APRC, but I’m not sure where I read that

I seem to remember reading Taiwan nationals cannot hold APRCs

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NWOHRs are required to get an Exit & Entry Permit for Taiwan and to apply for a TARC once they enter Taiwan.

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You can’t apply for an A(P)RC once you’ve naturalized but what if you already have an A(P)RC? NIA says my APRC will get cancled only if/when I apply for a TARC.

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But does the clock start on your 1 year to HHR if you don’t switch to the TARC?