Switching from student status to worker status

Hello there, I’m a senior student in mechanical engineering and I will be graduating this summer. Turned out I found a job this week and the company wants to help getting me worker ARC so I can work more hours a week meanwhile waiting for graduation, but the thing is I still have one class I have to take next semester and I wonder if I can continue going to school if I no longer hold a student status (i.e with my eventual worker ARC)?

Yes. You don’t need a student permit to study.

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Cool! And thank you for the answer. That’s how I thought it should be in the first place, but some Malaysian friends of mine who know Taiwan better than me told me otherwise.

Legally speaking you are fine to study on a work ARC, but your university may require that you have a student ARC or simply not understand the rules and think you need one. There was a thread about this a while ago but I can’t find it. Best to check with your university first.

I don’t think you will qualify for the work permit (which you need in order to get the professional ARC) since you haven’t graduated yet. Once you get your diploma from a Taiwanese university, everything will be so much easier when applying for work permit.

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I did it succesfully. Worked full time as an engineer while doing my last semester in my masters degree. Depends on your employer. If your boss is okay with you taking classes and you met the requirement for a work visa (Bachelors + 2 year work experience ) since your master isnt completed yet, then u can get the visa and you can work. Also if you dont tell it in your school and attend classes regularly, no one would care.

Yes, but you had an undergrad diploma which OP seems will get until this summer.

Unless the requirements are met, work visa can’t be obtained unfortunately even if the company is willing to apply for it.most companies don’t know the rules

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I still have the option to work part time tho. It’s just like they were seeking possibilities for more hours. But now, that you said 2years of experience is mandatory, I wonder if I can ever get the work visa even after graduation?

If you graduate from Taiwanese univ., they can use different criteria for your work permit.

Apply by New Scoring Criteria for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in Taiwan

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Ofcourse after graduation u can. With new scoring method as mentioned . U can see if u are making 70 points