Switching Visas in Taiwan during COVID.. help

Hi all,

I’m currently on a work-holiday visa intill August. Am I allowed to switch this visa to a student/work visa come August IN Taiwan? Or do I need to leave then come back in? Given the closed borders, does this mean I just need to go back home in till Taiwan opens borders again? Seems a bit silly as I’ve been here for months.

Thank you.

You should go in and talk to immigration.

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Have you tried talking to immigration?

Ill go do that and report back, so to help others in similar situations.


Student visas are only good if you enter with that purpose, work maybe an option

yeah so as expected, one must LEAVE Taiwan, and cannot change the VISA type while in Taiwan. She did say something about not getting a record if overstaying, only a fine… anyone know more?


@buyit looks like no overstaying for you…