Sym fighter 150 oil recommendations

Hello All,

Any recommendations for a 2012 fighter 150zr engine and transmission oil? I would also like to find out what tools I need to make these changes, including tool size[s]… much thanks! oh and how much would be sweet!


I know it will sound silly, stupid, and ring of common sense, but use the oil that your owners manual recommends. What does that mean? Buy the oil that your scooter
makers sells for your scooter. Going for “the best” oil may not be the best oil for your scooter. I highly recommend that you avoid the expensive synthetic oils, as they
are over-priced and won’t do anything better for your engine and may in fact damage your engine. The makers of your scooter made your engine to go with the oil they
sell. Sure you can use other oil that’s the same XwX (like 10W40) but it may not really be as good for your engine as what your scooter makers provide for your engine.

As for tools, most scooters take a 17mm socket for draining the engine oil, don’t forget to also drain the oil from where the oil filter is. You will often find this on the right
of your engine on the bottom of it, as the main drain plug is often on the left. As for the the transmission oil I think they are usually a 12mm socket. As a suggestion, just
get a socket wrench set and you’ll have the sizes your needs covered. You’ll have to take out 2 screws when you drain the transmission oil, remember where each screw goes.
You’ll need an oil pan to collect the oil, and an oil funnel to put in the engine oil. The transmission oil is sold in tubes, so you don’t need a funnel for that. It’s also handy to
have rags, a piece of cardboard to put under the places you drain your oil from, and something to put your used oil into when your finished draining your oil. The old oil you
can take to any scooter/car shop and they will take care of it for you.

And yes, I’m a real nice guy for taking the time to say this. Most of the other guys here are “too pro” to say this. :wink:

I don’t have any specific knowledge of the SYM Fighter, so your owners handbook would, as suggested above, be a good place to start.

With engine oils, there are a couple of specific gotcha’s for motorcycles and scooters.

The more important one is that most current specification motor oils have low levels of ZDDP extreme pressure additives, to avoid long term poisoning of the catalyst.

Most, if not all, small displacement motorcycle/scooter engines, and older cars, need higher levels of EP additive to protect their cams, and can (allegedly, this is controversial and largely anecdotal) suffer high rates of wear on “modern” oils. Beyond its API specification, which sets limits, it can be difficult or impossible to find out the Zinc level in an oil.

This is a good reason to use specific motorcycle or scooter oil, even if its a bit more expensive, though it need not be. I was in Carrefour yesterday afternoon and they had Castrol 4T “Go” 20-40W, which I’d not seen before, at 99NT per litre This meets the surprisingly but reassuringly obsolete SG (1989) specification. Most motor oils are SM, (2004) spec or later, and have lowered Zinc levels.

Might get some for my car. Its got Mobil Delvac MX 15/40 in it at the moment, which might not have enough zinc.

EDIT: Assuming it has adequate zinc levels, I don’t know any reason, other than price, not to prefer a synthetic over a mineral oil. Most scooters and small motorcycles don’t provide effective oil filtration, however, which mandates frequent oil changes, so part of the advantage of a synthetic oil is lost. ENDEDIT

thank you johnledoe “the nice guy” and Ducked for the informative responses!