SYS bus route info

OK, all the Internet resources for city bus routes work backwards from what I’m looking for, as far as I can tell.
Here’s my scenario:
I’m at the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial exit from The Sun Yat-Sen MRT Stop, it’s the easternmost exit on the south side of Chungshiao. I need to get to Keelung, just a little bit north of Hsin Yi, across Keelung from the WTC office buildings, there’s a Pizza Hut there.
It’s only a 15 or 20 minute walk, but I’m often in a bit of a rush and it’s a pain if it’s raining.
I know a ton of buses stop at the MRT exit, and a ton of buses go by the destination.
Does anyone know of one that does both?
Or is there an Internet page that will let me query in this manner?
(anyone who’s about to suggest tracking back to Kuang Fu and getting the 266 or 288, thanks, but they don’t stop anywhere near the destination).

Not sure how helpful their webpage is, never tried it myself:

You also can use google maps, zoom into it and you see the bus stops and the lines running there, unfortunatley not where the lines go. You would have to compare.
I doubt that there are buses going down Zhongxiao and than turning on Keelung and going down towards Keelung and Xinyi.
You might be luckier to try the City Hall MRT and try form there but the google maps doesnt show much stations there either. The wife got a book with all the bus lines in Taipei, will try to find it and see if I actually can read it and find information in that one.