T-Star Expired Two Weeks Ago, Still Have Internet

My NT388 a month contract expired two weeks ago with T-Star. When I do an Ookla download speed test it is normal, but I was downloading a rugby match last night and it was ridiculously slow. The peers on the torrent were throttled as normal, but the torrent download speed was ten times slower than normal. With T-star’s slow download speed and the throttling of peers the fastest is usually 2.2 MB per second. But this was about 2.2 kB/s per second. What gives? Why don’t they just shut me down completely instead of toying with me?

how did you get t-star sim card as a foreigner?

Internet providers often white-list (from throttling) and prioritize traffic to known speed test servers.
Those speed tests are not always the status quo of your internet connection.

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A Taiwanese person was my guarantor, but I don’t want to ask her/him to sign up for another year. I was busy the day my contract expired and was amazed to see no change whatsoever and decided to see how long till things changed. Now the big slow down in download speed.

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The speed test hasn’t changed at all, just the actual download speed. The fastest T-star has ever tested on Ookla is 22 Mbps and it’s still showing that on the latest tests.

How have you found their internet speeds overall? My contact with taiwan mobile is up next month and I’ve been toying with trying tstar, but people keep telling me they have really shitty reception.

That’s my latest speed test. At NT388 a month it works for me. If I can download a 5 GB rugby match in around an hour, I’m happy with that. And that is my only Internet bill. There is no way I’m paying a bill for my home and my phone as well.

Best be aware because as I know when the contract finishes the line doesn’t get cut, you just go month to month which means you can cancel anytime but the contract price may have changed to a higher amount.

I would go into a tstar store and ask what plan you are on now.

On another note I have a $249 plan with unlimited data at 21mbps speed with Asia Pacific telecom , or Ya Tai and it’s not as good as my previous Taiwan mobile account but it is almost $500 a month cheaper than Taiwan Mobile so no complaints here.
However at the end of the year it goes up to $999 a month so they said at that time i can resign which is why I suggest you find out if you are still at $388 or not.

@dan2006 Thanks for the info.