Tai Chi classes in Taipei (in english?)

I wonder… Is there any place in Taipei (preferrably in Da-An) where one can learn Tai Chi from an english-speaking teacher? I tried it years ago, and I loved it. We did some TaiChi-Qigong and just a hint of combat (which I’d like to try more seriously, too). I’d really like to jump back in, and when my daughter’s older, get her into classes too. It’s perfect to deal with stress.

Hello All, bumping this post to get an up to date answer on where to find Taichi class (preferably in English) in Taipei (ideally on L1, North East > Dahu/Neihu)
Thanks !

Good luck, I still haven’t found it. Not that I have much time to make use of them anymore.

I found both Taiji and Qigong class via Meetup (an events management website) :slight_smile:

More information on that, please?

Is there a FB group for Tai Chi Taipei? If there wasn’t, I’d start one if I was in your position.

In Danshui they have regular TaiChi and sword forms at night. Not sure of the exact day, but it’s a weeknight at 7ish. If anyone is interested, I will bump this thread next time I see them…

EDIT: You’re in Da’an, probably too far away…

I live in Songshan now. In any case, I don’t want to just be there and copy the movements, I want an actual teacher who will explain things to me, like I had when I practiced it for a couple of months. It’s always good if someone tells you what muscles do you have to feel when you do an exercise, and the kinds of sensations you should be aware of.

This is true. While you are searching, BK Frantzis has some good videos on youtube, going deep into the techniques. I trained with him and his students occasionally. Vids are no substitute for a real live teacher, but better than nothing.

Sadly, videos won’t do it for me. I need interaction.

I forgot, there was an American on this board, name of K Peterson or something, he taught Tai Chi and Bagua. It might’ve been in Da’an park.

I think he posted this thread, but it’s now been retired:
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 8&t=144123

What style did you want to learn, out of interest? I learnt Wu style when I was young, but I’d prefer to learn Chen, but that is hard to find in TW. I like reading about Sun Lu Tang. I also did marriage of Heaven and Earth Chi Kung. These days I prefer standing or Hindu Pushups.

Off topic, but I find 40 minutes in a hot spring relaxes me as much as 2 hours of TaiChi. I have taken to going to XinBeitou most weekends. They have private springs for 150TWD, 300TWD for 2.

I did Yang style for four months. I know hot springs are also relaxing, specially if you combine them with sauna, but the point was that Tai Chi is a relaxing exercise. Dipping yourself in hot water can hardly be considered an exercise.

I was just thinking out loud. Sorry if my post did not meet your expectations for this thread. Hot water is not exercise, but going for a run/walk/doing pushups and then going to hot springs is a good full spectrum workout/relaxation session. If you are not into it, OK… but there are other people reading this board that might be new to Taiwan. Maybe they didn’t know about Xinbeitou.

Dude, I didn’t mean to sound angry, I was merely stating that I was looking for Tai-chi classes and you mention hot springs. You have to admit that it was a little bit off-topic.

And yes, Xinbeitou or Wulai are good places around Taipei for hot springs, but there are no Tai chi classes there that I know of.

Hi there, we will offer a TaiChi Workshop free of charge at NCCU campus next Monday.
If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please register yourself through the following web page.

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Is the one in Danshui still active? Do you know where I could find any information on this?