Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine in English in Taipei

I have a visitor coming to Taipei who is interested in learning more about Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Chinese medicine. My guest will be here for about ten days and speaks no Chinese.

Does anyone out there know of, or can recommend, a teacher or a center or a school that might welcome a casual visitor who wants to learn a bit more? The instruction would have to be in English.

I’ve seen people doing Tai Chi in Daan park and around CKS in the mornings. Perhaps this might be a good place to start.

How about any of you Forumosans who are studying traditional Chinese medicine? Can you recommed a doctor who might be able to give some explanations in English? Or perhaps there is an association or a center to learn more about this?

I have no idea where to go for the Qi Gong instruction.

Thanks. Any ideas, tips, or help would be appreciated.


Anyone have any ideas about this?

Many thanks.

PM Fearsome Orange about the Chinese medicine, he might have some contacts.

I’ll be going here on Sunday mornings: www.37taichi.org.tw

Well, in Taipei the only teachers of Chinese medicine I know require that you be able to converse in Chinese. I think that if your friend is interested in learning Chinese med, they do it back where they came from (which is what I did, first). Tai Qi and Qi Gong, though, you can learn without any words.

Thanks, miltownkid and fearsome orange.