Tai Da Entrance test

Does anyone have any experience of this test? I’m talking about the one for foreign, undergraduate students taking a Bachelors. I’m going to study Atmospheric Science and the classes will be taught completely in Chinese with mostly English books. I was told that this test is different from the TOP ( sc-top.org.tw/ ) which I have already taken.
Has anyone taken both these tests? What is the format of these tests and what are they testing for?


What are they testing for?? :roflmao:

Seriously, I can’t speak to the TaiDa test, but when I did the ShiDa one (about 10 years back, to be fair) the answer seemed to be “how many chengyu do you know?” The test certainly had nothing to do with one’s practical ability to use Chinese to succeed in school. At least it has evolved since the first time I did it (1987) when it was sort of obscure reading comprehension (but already with many answer choices given as sets of chengyu: Which of the following chengyu that you have never heard of but would look up in any event in real life best sums up the meaning of the three paragraphs you just read and understood completely?

Hopefully either the tests have become more realistic and more reflective of the actual needs of students for the language (especially if textbooks are in English anyway) or you really like chengyu.

[quote]Please be notified that Pilot Test of TOP Writing will be administered on May 29th. The registration period is from Apr 26 to May 14.
It’s Free! Participants of this test will get a free gift on that day. Welcome the candidates who are non-native speakers of Chinese to take the test.[/quote]

This is so typically Taiwanese it just makes me want to go. There’s something oddly compelling about it.