Taichung Car Driving Licence

Where in Taichung can I do the exam for the car licence?

I have seen this place:

No. 2, Section 1, Youyuan Road, Dadu District

Is it correct? Any experiences there?

I have just done my test in Kaohsiung, my wife just googled driving school we found the 3 closest to our home.
We went and had a chat with them and a look at the facilities to see what deals they had on offer. I ended up going with the one on my way home from work. It’s a 30 day course and you nead to attend every day (give or take a few). My experience and the information I got from other people, was your basicly shown the manoeuvres then left to practice on your own a lot.
So I would recommend going with one that is easy to get to

Hi thanks for your experience. I have already done that. I was meaning the actual place where to take the exam. The motor office where you can take the theory test with the computer and than the driving test :slight_smile:

My driving school organised it all, it was a full day. To the test center in the morning for the computer test, then back to the school for the practical tests. The external officials came to the driving school to do the tests. First on on the driving course, second was the road test. You wasn’t allowed to progress to the next part unless you had past the that section.

If you have or are learning with a school I would assume they will organise it for you as you will be using their cars for the exam