Taichung Chili cookoff

Saturday, April 22. 2:00PM. Soho Street. NT$200 gets ya’ eatin’.

More information (and some commentary) here. http://nihowdy.blogspot.com/2006/04/chili-cook-off.html

Various particpants in tomorrow’s Chili cookoff have been seen scuttling around town, securing sources of various special ingreients for their chili recipes. One Taichung resident, known only by the alias “Chaon”, was heard screaming:
“What in the hell is 'White shoepeg corn??? And where can I find some in the next 12 hours!?!”

Another overheard conversation concerning culinary plans for Saturday is confirmed to had the words “beef”, “marinate” and “kaoliang” in the same sentence.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Listen you heartless bastard. I have a show to do tomorrow so I can’t be in Taichung. :fume: :fume: :fume: :fume:

Seriously. I have no idea what white shoepeg corn is (it’s not that stuff they sell barbequed on the cob here, though, is it? Just a thought. You’re welcome) but you owe it to yourself to save a bit of room for anything with the words “beef,” “marinade” and “kaoliang” in the same sentence.

Sounds like it’ll be a good day.

And you know there’s going to be another Blues Bash later this year. I’d imagine a Great Chili Cookoff would be a star attraction at such an event. Pass the word. I can put you in touch with the Blues Bash organizers.

Just another thought. :wink:

1 fucking days notice?

Keeps down the competition…doesn’t it?

I just spoke with the kaoliang beef guy, who says he’s doing a Whisby marinade instead. For beef. To put in his chili. My next post may be from the hospital.