Taichung - Christian books and music

A long shot I know.

I’ve never been able to find anywhere that sells christian books and music in Taichung, apart from those that are only open during service hours on Sunday.

Is there a place that is actually open during normal store hours?

Have you tried Uncle Jimmy’s on Chungde road? It’s a food place but I’ve seen some Christian books there. They have a lot of things aimed at the little ones as well.


I really like christianbooks.com from the US.

They ship international and shipping is not cheap, but with all the discounts on the books, it’s works out to about regular price.

I don’t really know how up to date this info is as I found it in the 2002 TMF Directory but here goes with what I found for Taichung:

  1. Baptist Christian Literature Center
    Tzu Yu Road, Sec. 1, #99, Taichung 403
    tel. (04) 2224-8040

  2. Conservative Baptist Bookstore
    Mei Ting Street, #250, Taichung 404
    tel. (04) 2233-6510

  3. Hundred Lambs Bookstore
    Tung Hsin Road, #162, Taichung 407
    tel. (04) 2252-0242

  4. Spiritual Fountain Bookroom
    Chien Hsing Road, Lane #352, Alley 1, #2
    Taichung 406
    tel. (04) 2234-7762

  5. Taichung Presbyterian Literature Center
    Min Tzu Road, #57, Taichung 400
    tel. (04) 2223-0694

I would suggest that you call the numbers first to ensure that the information is correct and that they have the types of materials/music that you are looking for.

Hope this helps!

Thanks all.

I’ll do some looking into all of this.

BTW, any really rockin’ churches out there?