Taichung MRT




Teething problems. Remember how many problems the Muzha line had? Tires that were “new” but five years old that blew up? And worst the support pillars were not strong enough and had to be encased in steel! Massive delays.

But it was an exciting time being first to ride the first MRT in Taiwans history !!

I went through a lot of firsts in Taiwan.

First MRT in Taiwan
First HSR in Taiwan
First electric train in Taiwan
First freeway section in Taiwan (TAipei to Taoyuan on Freeway 1)

exciting times to see Taiwan growing up

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Oh good, can’t wait to ride the Orange and Blue lines in 2035! Maybe by then the Green line will be fixed and starting test runs again!


Better late than never. Taichung 2035! :grin:


Green Line is set to resume trial operations on March 25 and to commence official operations April 25

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Hope this doesnt happen…


yeah, I’m seeing the news right now. New French-made couplers will be used this time to replace the defective ones made in China.

Who had the bright idea of using chinese made components withoit rigorous quality testing?

Not to say their material science is suspect but they are known to cut corners. Companies who have products made in china will specify quality.

Coupling cracking is because of bad heat treatment.



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I was in Taichung and had contemplated taking the trial run, but since it doesn’t really go anywhere I needed to go I didn’t take it.

However I hated that they canceled the free bus ride within 10km thing. Because it made bus rides much more expensive. I know I could probably register my easy card (my HHR is in Taichung) but for a once a year thing it hardly seemed like it was worth it.

When did that happen?

Sometime last year. Before that if you used easy card you got free rides within 7km or something. Then they said they didn’t have money to give free rides so now you had to have hhr in taichung and must register your easy card there to get free rides.

It made bus rides significantly more expensive.

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There is a thread here somewhere. They excluded foreign residents residing in Taichung who are not married to Taiwanese from the free rides sheme. Complaints were fruitless.