Taidong -- always hazy?

I was recently in Taidong – “Taitung” if you prefer – for a weekend at a hot spring place. I took a second class train from Taipei, about 6 hours. This was my first time down the east coast. The scenery in the rural, industry-free boonies was not too bad – Taidong itself reminded me of a tropical Vermont, because of the layout of buildings and sparse population.

However, the entire landscape the entire weekend the entire way was covered in a stubborn and uglifying haze, which meant, as everywhere in Mainland China, no breathtaking distant vistas.

Did I just pick a bad weekend to go down the east coast, or is this haze I saw pretty much permanent? I’d consider going back if I had a reasonable chance of seeing some blue sky and distant mountains. If not, I think I’ll get my dose of nature’s grandeur somewhere in SE Asia, perhaps even for cheaper.

Sounds like you were unlucky. I’ve been down there many times and its nearly always been totally clear and beautiful.

I’d agree with Sandman you were unlucky, when I went it was clear and beautiful! No fog, haze or pollution to obstruct the views!