Taidong, Hualian, Yilan (Travel)

There’s hope, Yuli ! It’s been an extremely rough time over the past year or so and I haven’t been able to put much time into rebuilding the site, but it is (slowly, but surely) happening. Actually, I needed the push! I should have it up and running again in the near future. The site address is:http://www.freewebs.com/athomeinhualien/

Oh… good news! Need a hand with the work on the site?

Internet Cafes (網咖)

:arrow_right: Taidong

Listing of Net Cafes (with address info and map):
hipage.hinet.net/list.asp?keywor … pe=KEYWORD

Additional Listings:
Pikachiu Net Cafe (比卡丘網咖)
中興路2段430號(東方大鎮), Taidong City

Cyberdome (網路巨蛋)
開封街 (Kai1 Feng1 Jie1) 302, Taidong City
1 hour for NT$15, 3 hours for NT$40

:arrow_right: Hualian

The 2 netcafes in Hualian that i have used myself are part of the 駭客網路 (Hai4 Le4 Wang3 Lu4 = Hackers Network):
No. 439, 福建街 (Fu2 Jian4 Jie1 / Fujian St.), Hualian City; Tel: 03-834-9993 (corner of 博愛街 (Bo2 Ai4 Jie1/ Bo’ai St.))
No. 72, 林森路 (Lin2 Sen1 Lu4 / Linsen Rd.), Hualian City; Tel: 03-831-0701

The same company (hacker-net.com.tw/) lists additional stores at the following locations:
No. 39, 國聯二路 (Guo2 Lian2 Er4 Lu4 / Guolian Rd.)., Hualian City; Tel: 03-834-1108
No. 2, 富安路 (Fu4 An1 Lu4 / Fu’an Rd.), Hualian City; Tel: 03-846-2345 (that is behind the train station, and you get to that street from Zhong1 Shan1 Lu4)
No. 67, 中華路二段 (Zhong1 Hua2 Er4 Lu4 / Zhonghua 2 Rd.), Ji’an township; Tel: 03-854-1691

Note: If you are passing through Hualien for a day and use one of those shops you may want to buy a 4-hour block of time for NT$50, but for anybody staying longer or visiting repeatedly the following would be a better deal: for NT$100 you can buy a rechargeable IC card, and the time registered on the chip in the card can be used in any increment, as it suits you. (Adding NT$100 to the card will give you 5.5 hours of time, for NT$300 you get 20 hours, and with NT$600 you are good for 50 hours).

A listing of Net Cafes with maps:
hipage.hinet.net/list.asp?keywor … pe=KEYWORD

:arrow_right: Yilan

Listing of Net Cafes (with address info and map):
hipage.hinet.net/list.asp?keywor … pe=KEYWORD

Telephone Service

  • Renting cell phones in Taiwan

[ What i’ve heard so far is that you can buy used phones or bring one from abroad (if it is compatble) and get pre-paid SIM cards to use those phones while you are in Taiwan. Will post more here when i have more details. ]

  • Renting cell phones abroad (for use in Taiwan)

TravelCell (USA)

AL Tel (USA)
altelphonerental.com/coverag … aiwan.html

Telestial (USA)


:arrow_right: Taidong

map and list with phone numbers
google.co.jp/search?hl=ja&q= … C%E7%B4%A2

:arrow_right: Hualien

map and list with phone numbers
google.co.jp/search?hl=ja&q= … C%E7%B4%A2

:arrow_right: Yilan

Yilan County website: List of hospitals in Yilan
e-land.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=4 … e=722&mp=5

map and list with phone numbers
google.co.jp/search?hl=ja&q= … C%E7%B4%A2

Off the coast (diving, snorkeling, fishing)


Snorkeling in Kenting…your thoughts?

The Scuba Thread 2008

The Islands Thread (contains links to info about Green Island and Orchid Island)

Green Island questions

The Scuba Thread 2009


Green Island Diving and Snorkeling
razzelberry.blogspot.com/2009/06 … -trip.html

The Secret of Green Island: Spectacular Diving
chinapost.com.tw/travel/taiw … Secret.htm

Hiking, Cycling

There is some information about at least one of the east coast areas in each of the following threads.
Useful search terms to find east coast related info in those threads: Taitung, Taidong, Hualien, Ilan, Yilan.

The Hiking Thread 2009

The Hiking Thread (2007-2008)

Who has cycled around Taiwan?

A 2009 art film (documentary) with a connection to Taidong and its native people:
(the film follows the lives of several young people from different tribes who are all members of the band “Totem”)

“Totem: Song for home”

totem-movie.net/ (in Japanese, but with some beautiful picture)

Typhoon Information and Weather Charts


Typhoon 2009


Typhoon Warnings (US Navy)

A weather map, covering Taiwan, the eastern provinces of China,
the northern Philippines, Korea, and Japan (updated every 3 hours)

A weather map covering a wider area (from Vietnam to the Marshall Islands)
Particularly useful in the summer, because one can see the development of
tropical low pressure areas and typhoons (updated every 3 hours)

Weather Reports and Forecasts

Taiwan Weather Office’s main page
cwb.gov.tw/ (中文)
cwb.gov.tw/eng/ (English)

If you click on the displayed map, you see detailed weather information for the area of your choice in a new frame. Here are the direct links to the individual frames:

Taidong Weather
cwb.gov.tw/V6/forecast/taiwan/36_19_data.htm? (中文)
cwb.gov.tw/V6e/forecast/taiw … 9_data.htm? (English)

Hualien Weather
cwb.gov.tw/V6/forecast/taiwan/36_18_data.htm (中文)
cwb.gov.tw/V6e/forecast/taiw … 8_data.htm (English)
wunderground.com/global/stations/59362.html (English)

Yilan Weather
cwb.gov.tw/V6/forecast/taiwan/36_17_data.htm (中文)
cwb.gov.tw/V6e/forecast/taiw … 7_data.htm (English)

Yaeyama Weather (covering the islands to the east of Hualien)
jma.go.jp/jp/week/356.html (日本語)
jma.go.jp/en/week/356.html (English)

Taitung, Pure & Natural:
chinapost.com.tw/travel/taiw … aiwans.htm

Digging Up Taiwan’s Ancient Heritage (Taitung): thewildeast.net/news/?p=191

The Secret of Green Island: Spectacular Diving: chinapost.com.tw/travel/taiw … Secret.htm

[quote=“yaoshema”]Taitung, Pure & Natural:
chinapost.com.tw/travel/taiw … aiwans.htm

Digging Up Taiwan’s Ancient Heritage (Taitung): thewildeast.net/news/?p=191

The Secret of Green Island: Spectacular Diving: chinapost.com.tw/travel/taiw … Secret.htm[/quote]

Thanks for those links about Taidong!

Sad to hear that the prevalent political/economic opportunism (simply sacrificing Taiwan to gain access to the mainland Chinese market) prevents the recognition, exploration, and protection of some very important ancient cultural heritage - according to the research done by linguists, Taiwan may well have been the jump-off point for the original human migration into Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Polynesia, etc., and thus archaeological information from Taiwan would seem of particular importance to humankind.

The information about diving and snorkeling at Green Island is of interest to me in light of tourism planning, since our own islands here (known as the Yaeyama Islands) have the same coral reef environment and similarly offer diving, snorkeling, and glas bottom boat tours. When i have time i’d like to check out Green Island and Orchid Island to see whether there is anything we can learn for our operations here. From what i have read so far, there might be an overdevelopment problem in those tourist areas (we have that problem here, too).


:arrow_right: Taidong

taiwaning.zening.info/map/Taitung_County/ (Google; map with links to the individual townships, including the islands)

worldmapfinder.com/Map_Earth … an/Taitung (Google; map and satellite image)

worldmapfinder.com/Map_Panor … an/Taitung (Google; map and photos)

worldmapfinder.com/Map_Flick … an/Taitung (Flickr; map and photos taken by visitors)

:arrow_right: Hualien

taiwaning.zening.info/map/Hualie … /index.htm (Google; map with links to the individual townships)

worldmapfinder.com/Map_Earth … an/Hualien (Google; map and satellite image)

worldmapfinder.com/Map_Panor … an/Hualien (Google; map and photos)

worldmapfinder.com/Map_Flick … an/Hualien (Flickr; map and photos taken by visitors)

:arrow_right: Yilan

taiwaning.zening.info/map/Yilan_County/index.htm (Google; map with links to the individual townships)

worldmapfinder.com/Map_Earth … iwan/Yilan (map and satellite image)

worldmapfinder.com/Map_Panor … iwan/Yilan (Google; map and photos)

worldmapfinder.com/Map_Flick … iwan/Yilan (Flickr; map and photos taken by visitors)

Hotsprings (Pingdong)

Kending National Park

Overview (日文):
温泉名称: 場所 / 泉質 / 露出温度 / PH値
四重渓温泉: 屏東県車城郷 / 弱アルカリ性炭酸泉 / 60度 / 7
(Source: otoa.com/support/country_ns_ … &code=3429)

Hotsprings (Taidong)

Overview (日文):
温泉名称: 場所 / 泉質 / 露出温度 / PH値
台東紅葉温泉: 台東県紅葉村 / 化水素泉 / 45〜63度 / 7
知本温泉: 台東県卑南郷 / ナトリウム炭酸水素塩泉 / 45〜56度 / 7〜8
金崙温泉: 台東県金峰郷 / 弱アルカリ性炭酸泉 / 48度 / 7.1
緑島温泉: 台東県緑島郷 / 硫オウ泉 / 53〜93度 / 5
(Source: otoa.com/support/country_ns_ … &code=3429)

  • Hongye 紅葉温泉 (“Red Leaves Hotspring”, 延平郷 Yánpíng Rural Township)

Yes, I have been there. Lovely campground right next to the springs. They springs are piped into a couple large tiled pools but whatever, it’s a great setting. Some lovely gorges to explore up there too. A few wild hot springs too but you need to befriend some locals to be taken to them.[/quote]
I visited this hotspring on March 10, 2010 and, given the afternoon air temperature on that day was about 15C, was looking forward to the hot soak there - but i found the whole facility buried in over a meter of (by now) hardened black mud that must have run off the mountain during the last typhoon. Oops… And no “hotspring not open” sign anywhere along the road - more oops…

Hotsprings (Hualian)

Overview (日文):
瑞穂温泉: 花蓮県万栄郷紅葉村 / 含鉄性塩化ナトリウム炭酸温泉 / 48度 / 7
花蓮紅葉温泉: 花蓮県万栄郷紅葉村 / 炭酸水酸化ナトリウム / 47度 / 6.7
安通温泉: 花蓮県玉里鎮 / 食塩性硫化水素泉 / 47度 / 8.8
文山温泉: 花蓮県秀林郷 / 弱アルカリ性炭酸泉 / 48度 / 7.1
(Source: otoa.com/support/country_ns_ … &code=3429)

Hotsprings (Yilan)

Overview (日文):
温泉名称: 場所 / 泉質 / 露出温度 / PH値
南澳温泉: 宜蘭県南澳郷 / 弱アルカリ性炭酸泉 / 65度 / 7.4
蘇澳冷泉: 宜蘭県蘇澳鎮 / 単純炭酸泉 / 21度 / 7.5
員山温泉: 宜蘭県員山郷永和村 / 単純泉 / 42度 / 7.2
清水温泉: 宜蘭県三星郷清水村 / アルカリ性炭酸泉 / 95度 / 9.8
天狗渓温泉: 宜蘭県大同郷土場村 / アルカリ性炭酸泉 / 80度 / 9
仁澤温泉: 宜蘭県大同郷土場村 / アルカリ性炭酸泉 / 90度 / 9
礁渓温泉: 宜蘭県礁渓郷 / 弱アルカリ性水酸化ナトリウム泉 / 60度 / 7.5
(Source: otoa.com/support/country_ns_ … &code=3429)

This thread was split from another in Living in Taiwan, as it’s more relevant to those travelling to the East Coast.

Yuli, thanks for all the east coast info you put together.

Post Offices


Getting a mailbox at the post office (post office box)


Post Office website: detailed information (map and searchable listing of post offices)
post.gov.tw/post/internet/u_ … al_h_1.jsp

:arrow_right: Taidong

Taidong Branch 901 (Main Post Office)
No. 126, Datong Rd., Taidong City

:arrow_right: Hualian

Hualian Branch 901 (Guo-An Post Office / New Main Post Office)
No. 408, 中山路 (Zhong1 Shan1 Lu4 / Jhongshan Rd.), Hualian City

Hualian Branch 19 (Jhongshan Rd. Post Office / Old Main Post Office)
No. 188, 中山路 (Zhong1 Shan1 Lu4 / Jhongshan Rd.), Hualian City
(at the corner of 中山路 and 中正路 (Zhong1 Zheng4 Lu4 / Jhongjheng Rd. / Hwy. 9)

:arrow_right: Yilan

Yilan Branch 25
No. 69, Singdong Rd., Luodong 265-41

Yilan Branch 901 (Main Post Office)
No. 130, Sec. 3, Jhongshan Rd., Yilan 260-44

Yilan County website: post offices in Yilan
e-land.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=4 … e=757&mp=5

Tourism Portal Sites

Note for Japanese travelers:

:arrow_right: Taidong

Taidong County Tourism Portal

:arrow_right: Taidong & Hualian

East Coast National Scenic Area

:arrow_right: Hualian

Hualian County Tourism Portal

Taroko National Park Portal

East Rift Valley National Scenic Area

Hualian Tourism Portal (Travel, Accommodation, Food, News, Videos)
poja.com.tw/ (Chinese)

Hualian Tourism

:arrow_right: Yilan

Yilan Tourism