Taidung for kids

route: coastal road from Hualien to Taidung
duration: 2 days
mode of transport: car with DVD player for cartoons (*this is an important feature so as to ensure safe driving by mom).
Here goes:

Noah’s ark? (Zhangyuan Baptist Church)

Dwelling of the eight fairies (Ba Xian Dung)

a tree house (or rather, a tree in a house) (also at Ba Xian Dung)

The first one’s a church. The second is dull except that you could see monkeys. The third?

At Shitiping there is a bat cave in a submerged cave which is cool. You take a boat down the cave (well it’s only 50m) but there are thousands of bats on the walls just a few feet above you.

Just past Shitiping nice B&B to stay at with its own stretch of beach and big grounds for playing.

Take side route up to Guangfu to the old sugar factory for ice cream.

Beach at Jici. Lots of other beaches as well. Can’t swim in them but play on the beach.

Dulan to see the old stone coffins in the hills. Pizza.

Water running uphill.

Taitung has 22km circle bike path which is quite good. Takes you out to Liji Badlands. Mud volcanoes.

er, Mucha man, I forgot how to post pics, fixing it right now, please bear with me just a little longer…

umbrella rock (Yu Shan Shi)

cactus at San Xian Tai

great beach at San Xian Tai

well, instead of gawking at the rock formations and studying their Geology, the kids had other ideas…

San Xian Tai

our Thomas room at Royal Hotel Chihpen

Thomas room

little Yie Liu

little Yie Liu

Oh, I get it. You went there. You aren’t asking for advice. :laughing:

Mucha Man, thanks for the tip about the bat caves, we’ve been to Shitiping many many times, but never knew about the bat cave; it’s on our to-do list now.

I haven’t been to most places shown but I’ve been to Dulan and seen some ancient stones there…good views of the ocean too. The Huadong rift valley is awesome too.

One of the best kid things in Taidong is the playground on GuiLin North Road.

Packed out most afternoons I was there, and pretty adventerous by Taiwan standards. If they tried to put up the rope swings and towers in Taichung, the locals would probably burn them down for being too dangerous.