The guy that teaches me Tai Ji Quan is looking for more students. Times are flexible, and he seems to know is stuff - I’ve visited the HQ of the governing body with him and was warmly received.

Speaks English too.

We do forms, application (Kung Fu), pushing hands, a tiny bit of Qi Gong.

PM or email (better) if interested.

What’s the family style? Do you do forms, push-hands and applications together or do you have to complete the form first?


Chun style, mostly, but reference to other styles and disciplines all the time.

Warm up, work on the form, and then either pushing hands or apps depending on the sched.

Does Chun style work up to sword? That’s what I’m really interested in, but need to start as a very beginner. I heard that Yang style has swordplay. Would Chun be appropriate to just get started? And is Chun the same as Chen?


Thanks, but I only want to do Wu style.

So if anyone knows any good Wu style teachers, please let me know.



I asked and apparently Chun style does work up to sword, and he can teach you that - eventually! Aparently there’s no point learning sword until you’re well beyond the basics.

Yang style, so I am told, is more ‘artificial’ - it’s a later refinement of Chun style that was developed to be more ‘learnable’. He is starting a Yang style class in the next week or two. PM me for details if interested. I believe it will be 2-3 times per week 6:30-8PM.

Forgot to ask about Chen, sorry.