Tailored suit: taipei, hong kong, bankok

Where to buy a suit

  • Bangkok
  • Hong Kong
  • Taipei

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I’m looking to get a suit or two tailored, and trying to decide where to go.

What are the prices that you’ve found in each city?
Anyone have a suggestion of a good tailor in any of these cities?

i had a great suit tailored in hoi an in vietnam … there are about a million tailors to choose from however, and all of them are “the best” :laughing:

paid $225 US for the suit and 4 shirts, and not a bit disappointed. you can get stuff made there much cheaper, but you also get what you pay for.

Philippines: cheap and well-made. And very close to Taiwan!

I have had suits made in most Asian countries. By far the best has been right here in Taiwan. What you pay good money for in other areas, HK, PH, VN, etc, looks good. You will hear the drill, Come in take a look. So cheap. Then you fall victim to the bait and switch tactics so common all over Asia. What you thought you were going to get was a great suit made from great material at a great price. Only, the great price turns out to be for material that may, just may, look good on my neighbor’s dog. Green, pastel yellow, etc. I am reminded of the guy in “Good Morning VietNam”. You know, the Asian guy that is always looking for nude pictures of Walter Brennen. His suit was best described as “lime green”. Well, that’s what you get for the “great price”. Of course, you can move up a grade for extra money and settle for something only slightly less obnoxious. Then you can move up again to actual wool cloth (2nds) then again to something approaching what a human would wear. Of course, by then, you are paying Western prices. Here in Taiwan I have had great suits made with no BS for a reasonable price. Sure, buing here is more expensive than the lime green crap but so what. Most of the back water tailors here will treat you right, give you a reasonable price with reasonable cloth and you will walk away reasonably happy.
For those who have bought and are happy elsewhere, so be it. Next time you have the opportunity, have a tailor turn your suit inside out (the way it was made) and take a look at what’s inside. You may be in for a surprise - patched used cloth for filler, etc. Good luck
Buy Taiwan

Yes, I second that. Buy Taiwan.

Just got one made for 15000 NT, which is about 450 USD. Very nice, good material, perfect tailoring. You can also get slightly worse material for 12000 NT, it’ll probably still be very good.

Not exactly cheap like other more ghetto asian countries, but quality is good and definitely worth it. Much better than the crap you get at Macy’s or Mens Wearhouse in the US.

Are there any stores or areas in Taipei you can recommend?

[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/tailor-made-suit-tailor-tailored-suits-taipei/13285/11 info here[/url]

I guess I’m biased, since I’m always looking for a good excuse to go to Thailand :slight_smile:
I’ve had excellent results from some very reputable tailors in BKK. Be sure to stay away from anyplace where they stand outside on the sidewalk and try to sell you a suit. There is a reason that they are begging for customers. There is a great tailor next to the Oriental (I think it’s called New World or something like that).

Majestic tailors in Bangkok around Sukhumvit soi 3 is an excellent tailor and decent prices.

There’s a good tailor by the temple mrt stop (it’s adjacent to a large hotel).

sorry, i forget the location details, but the suit was well made, fabric was good as far as i could tell, and the price was very good. I don’t remember having to pay 10k, maybe my friend helped bargain down.

When I arrived I got four suits tailored for me at a shop called Marco Bruno aroung chongshan road where all the wedding stores are. They were expensive for Asian standards, but for the material and quality of the work I am extremely impressed.

I paid about 40-60k each, but for the same quality back home would have easily been 4-5k US.