Tailoring your CV/resume to Taiwan

As a foreigner applying for jobs in Taiwan, I assume that I should follow the standard Western model (that’s how I landed my last job in Taiwan after all)? But are there any important aspects of Taiwanese CVs that I should consider using when tailoring my CV? For example, here in the UK, you should never include your photo or nationality on your CV, but I’ve heard that these are important to include in Taiwan. How about age?

I’ve also heard that Taiwanese CVs require a lot of crazy information, such as details about your family background. In a post I read on here, I even saw people mention blood type and zodiac signs, but I don’t actually know if they were joking or not because it’s actually somewhat believable if you know anything about Taiwan! If I was applying to a Taiwanese company, would I be expected to include all of this crazy stuff too?

As for the photo I put a link to my LinkedIn account where there can see a picture. Nationality I didn’t put but they can guest from the education, same with the age. If they ever ask me blood type or zodiac sings I would turn around. I got replies.

Edit: LinkedIn I did because I heard they really like that.

If you’re looking in Tech this is a nice website


Job sites like 104 as a lot of information that is not needed elsewhere like weight and if you are married etc.
the usual TW CV will also include an autobiographical paragraph like “I was born to a humble family that taught me to be laborious and studious…”
As a foreigner, I would include nationality and visa status, so the employer will know if they need to arrange a work permit or not.
Focus on education and work experience, that should be ok.

I got plenty of those. But many turn out to be lazy spoiled brats whose mothers call to say their kid is working too hard and is tired.


Maybe it has changed, but that site was annoying as hell when I used it two years ago.

Do you still have to input your resume all over again into their little walled garden?

not, I put it on pdf.

I also had replies using https://angel.co/ but small startups.