Tainan Happy Hour

The second annual Tainan Happy Hour is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 13, at the same place as the last one - the Armoury Pub on Gongyuan Road. It should begin around 8 P.M. as according to Jim, the Armoury laoban, there will be a band starting to play around 10:30. So get there early if you like a bit of quiet, sober conversation, before the place gets too drunken and noisy.

The occasion will also be to celebrate fellow Forumosan Bismarck’s upcoming nuptials in February, that is if the Taiwan gubmint doesn’t screw him over with the permit again (crosses fingers). Since I assume most people will already have plans on the New Years’ weekend and in February for Chinese New Year, I decided to aim at a weekend directly between so as not to interfere with anybody’s holiday schedule.

The Armoury is located around the corner at the intersection of Gongyuan North and South roads.

82 Gung Yuan South Road


PM either me or Bismarck if you out-of-towners still need any help finding the place. It can be little bit hard to see from the street.


Due to there being a live band playing that same night at 10 P.M., I have decided that the Armoury is not a suitable venue for conversation that particular night. Also, it will probably be extremely packed. The Armoury usually is packed like sardines on Saturdays, especially if there’s a band playing.

So, we have two choices. Either we change the date or change the location. We can reschedule the Happy Hour for next weekend, 1/20. Same location, the Armoury.

Alternately, we can meet at around 9 P.M., 1/13, at Dirty Roger’s. One of the oldest pubs in Tainan, Roger has amassed thousands of CDs and LPs, making it the best place to hear tunes in the city. It’s located on Dongmen Road, right next to the bridge/tunnel entrance (on your left). To get there from the train station, turn left on Beimen Road until you reach the very end, and there will be a traffic circle. Go over/under the bridge/tunnel and it’s right there.

On edit: you can find Dongmen on the map above, Roger’s is at the first intersection.

Those of you who plan to come to this event, please let me know how you vote.

Lets start earlier…I like the change of venue idea.
Did you contact The Eh? Team ?

Like you, I have no idea where the Eh? Team is. I’ll PM her.

Anyone else making their way down to this shindig?

Alright, then. Show up between 8 to 10 at Dirty Roger’s tomorrow night. That’s just the starting time. I’m sure we’ll keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning.

I’ll probably be there…I’m on Dongmen Rd about everyday and have no idea where this "Dirty Rogers: is located.

It’s right next to the bridge.

on the beiman rd side?

No, on the Dongmen Road side.

A couple of blocks before you get to the bridge, there’s the last 7-11 on Dongmen Road. Dirty Roger’s is a couple of blocks down, on the same side. Right at the foot of the bridge. It’s got a big neon sign flashing at night.

141, DongMen Rd., Sec. 1, Tainan City

Article from FYI South:

taiwanfun.com/south/chianan/ … 6Dirty.htm

Q -
I found it yesterday afternoon. See my PM.

I’ll be showing up around 9-ish o’clock. Hope to see the rest of y’all tonight.

I wouldn’t say that it’s close, but I’m “unsupervised” tonight and willing to make the trip from BFE out to see y’all… at least for a little while anyway.

Wheeee that was fun. It was great to meet all of you who came.

I was reminded of a line from a Cheech and Chong film:
“I was waiting for that place to close…but it never closed!”
good to meet all of you!

Yep. Not too bad.

I scarcely remember the end of the night. (WooT today was a rightoff)

Good to meet you guys.

Yep, kudos to Quentin, it was a good night. Enjoyed meeting Monster and Salvatore Armani. Sorry to hear you were sick TC, hope you feel better soon.

Bis -
Thanks. Went to the Drs this morning and got the usual pill packets and 2 bottles of “brown stuff.”
Still sneezing and nose still running.

Day all,
anyone else inclined towards a new year holiday time Tainan Happy Hour? How’s Dirty Rogers again, Thursday or Friday next week?
(currently taking suggestions for a cool online moniker)