Tainan social scene

I have no experience with Tainan. Having gone back dozens of pages in the search pages on this site, I’m not getting a comprehensive picture of the place. What’s the social/ dating scene like there? I’m concerned that it being relatively spread out, not having the metro system of Taipei, and having fewer night clubs/ evening eveng events might make it harder to make new friends and find a girl friend. It seems like it has a bunch of cultural things I might enjoy, but I want to see if I’m going to fit in/ find matches socially.

You need to get on www.tainanbulletin.com

What are you looking for? Expats or locals? Expats tend to hang out at Tin Pan Alley and Armory. Willy’s was good until they sold it and the new guy cut all of the expensive ingredients from the menu and jacked the prices, but it’s still good if you don’t go there to eat (I’m just waiting on Alan (old owner) to hurry up and open his new restaurant!).

If you’re looking for locals just walk into any of the 350 hole-in-the-wall bars spread around the city and you’ll find someone.

Tainan’s not really big enough to be spread out, you can scooter from one end to the other in under 40 minutes on a busy day.

I’m getting around to it.
Tainan? Stay in Taipei. Tainan doesn’t exist. Where?

Wouldn’t move to Taipei if you paid me. And I make a reasonable amount of money there.