Taipei Bus Maps on internet?

Does somebody know if there are maps of the trajectory of the buses of Taipei on internet ?

If you can read Chinese, this is a very useful Web site:

type busnumber + [space] + “bus” in Android Google Maps.

Does not work on web interface. You get a graphical view of the bus maps, for ease of visualization. You also get realtime bus timings which may be pulled via API from Taipei Metro Servers.

IPad gmaps can also show the bus moving in real time. But the android interface seems the best.gmaps bus map


or moovit, there is a app

I like this one for the PC.

On my phone I have an app which I find very handy to find when the next bus is due at a given stop, also shows the route on a map. Mind you, its heavy on battery usage.

Oops, 15 years old thread got reactivated…doh.

If your want an app, use the official one:


I kind of “used to pre-covid” travel a lot and use it in multiple cities.