Taipei City bus - lost and found?


I think I left my keys on a Taipei City bus and am wondering what the best way to contact lost and found is. Is there just a facility I can go to without calling anybody?

I remember the route and time and all of that info if relevant. Hopped on in wanhua and hopped off in Zhonghe. Thanks.

One time I left something on a bus here I went to the terminus and the cleaners had found it.

What was the bus number? Many buses are run by a separate bus company. There are quite a few.

Taipei/Capital Bus

If you can tell me which bus number, I can tell you the company and the termini of which your keys might be located at.

Even in Wanhua, I can think of quite a few that go to Zhonghe, 214, 214 Express, 706(that one goes to Sansia)

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Ahh. I see. It was the 202.

Ok, that is Zhinan Bus Company


Bus ends at Zhinan Bus Anhe Station in Sindian. 指南客運安和站

That’s likely where your keys will be.

They’re still open. Last bus will be there in about 45-60 minutes at the time of this writing.

If you jump in a taxi/Uber and you feel your Chinese isn’t up to snuff and still unable to call, then I’d give the taxi driver this address

1 Anhe Road Section 2 Sindian District

If it isn’t that urgent, then hopping on the 202 bus to the end will help. The last buses have been deployed and are passing Taipei Main Station at the time of this writing.

Good luck!


@salient Did you find your keys?

Hi, could you help me please, i left my bag on 214 bus last week. I got down at Minquan and Longjiang Intersection station. i have been tried to find it but no result until today…

This is the company the bus belongs to:

From their page:

Dear passengers, in order to allow you to quickly retrieve your lost property, please follow the steps below to inquire, so that we can serve you quickly, thank you.

  1. Please go to the [Route (Jurisdiction Stations) Inquiry] page to inquire about the [Jurisdiction Stations] of the route you take.
  2. Please go to the [Station Information] page to check the contact number of the station, and call to provide relevant information such as name, contact number, route, vehicle number, date and time, description of lost items …
  3. After the station returns the call and confirms that the lost item has been found, please bring your identity document to the current site of the station to collect it.

Customer service

  • ZTE, Guanghua, Xinbei Service Line: 0800-002-277
  • Monday to Friday 8:30 ~ 21:30
  • Service mailbox:


This is the bus route, look for the stop you got off, might be helpful:

Finally, check with the bus company, if no luck, then the nearest police station. Ask for Foreign Police if you do not master Chinese.

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Fuck, I thought someone found a bus.

Which would be pretty fucking cool. :+1:

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Hey- I think I lost something on the 606, how do I find who to call? Thanks

First check your itinerary: where and what time you got on and off the bus.

Company info:

0800-053-434 24 hour service number

Here is a list of lost and found items:

It says call dispatch station first. Check which one applies

If your stuff is on the list, call this number during working hours for lost and found retrieval:
Extension number 666